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Set in the Swedish archipelago in the 70s, take the role of 17-year old Linn as she returns to the island where she almost drowned as a child. 

After a fight with her mother, Linn is left alone in the family's old summer home. There she finds an old spirit board, through which she finds herself communicating with Mikael, a strange entity with a secret it desperately wants to share with her.

Mikael will lead you on an increasingly bizarre treasure hunt through the island. You will be forced to rely on your wits and creativity to decipher the spirit board's cryptic clues - and to piece together a disturbing mystery about Linn's past that does not seem consistent with her own memories. 

But you may also be forced to ask yourself a more pressing question: is Mikael really trying to help Linn - or to kill her.

MOR was created as a school project over the course of 10 weeks, by a team of game development students at the University of Skövde. Feel free to check out our Facebook-page, and don't be afraid to send us a message there if you have any questions! 



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Great Game.  I m looking forward for another project of yours.

Η συνέχεια του πολύ ωραίου @MorTheGame. #Mor #Indie #Horror #GameHauntings


So, this game seems interesting to play, but I can't get past the display calibration screen? I set the bar to 'barely visible' and hit the continue button but, it won't do anything else and I'm stuck on that screen. I hope this is just a bug that can be fixed, because I really would like to play the game. :)

This was sooo much fun! I absolutely loved this!! Thankfully I didn't run into any game breaking glitches. Just a small glitch were a rock was stuck and repeatedly sounded like it was moving. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. <3 ZombiKittie

I livestreamed the whole game of Mor!

Great game, great voice acting btw!! Very impressed! I see alot of good things coming from you all. I've posted the full stream here. Yes at times i got fustrated but don't we all! All in all it was a great game!

Yeowzers, ended up having a bunch of crazy glitches that caused all the doors and many other objects to glitch out of the game at 30:02 (which made that certain Laundry room scene hilarious but ultimately broke progression to the Mother's room). I restarted and thankfully it did not repeat, plus this was a school project so it's not like it's a big deal.

10/10 game. Much spook. Would Blåsväder again.

Hi all! 

Sorry for being inactive in the comments lately. With school starting again after summer we've had to put our time and focus on other things. Unfortunately we just have to prioritize other things at the moment so we want to say sorry for not being able to respond to and help everyone like we used to. 

At the same time, we also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to play our game. We really appreciate you and all the support and feedback we've been given!

Thank you!

Very nice game Congrats ....

This is a really beautiful game. Had a lot of fun playing it.

I did a full playthrough of this, but one thing got me stuck, how do you get the cellar code. ( I used other YouTubers vids but they don't even know how they got it)

If you watch Gab Smolder's playthough you see her work out each clue starting at 1:00:45.

Quite the experience with several puzzles that through you through a few loops. Mamma sure is mean!

Right down the middle of the road.

The plot is incredibly cliched and the dialogue is stilted. The atmosphere is almost non-existant, and most everything is a cheap scare. However, the Ouija board is a pretty neat mechanic, and I like how all of the doors are fully controllable, though that would be better done with the scroll wheel instead of mouse movement. There are some glitches, especially when looking all the way up or down, your camera flips out. There's a dialogue option with the Ouija board that is broken.  The puzzles are either really easy, or absurdly obtuse. Finding the key to Mom's room required look at a gameplay video, and the same goes for finding the cellar.

I'll admit, the closet child definitely put me on edge for a bit, but after that it was rather predictable.

It's worth a quick play, but don't expect much.


Hey, I'm having trouble with this game. I start it up and the cursor is out of place from where it should be. Like I have to be above the 'continue' sign in order to click it. Once I do, the cursor goes away and nothing happens. I've tried everything, do you have any other ideas to help me out?

Hi! This game was definitely a roller coaster of emotions, especially towards the end. The puzzles were a bit too time consuming though for my taste, especially the cellar door combination LUL. All in all though, still enjoyed this thouroughly! Feel free to watch my video and let me know what you thought =) 

I don't often want to release videos over 20 mins but I couldn't stop playing this one 

A truly amazing piece of art! I love the story, the concept the detail and effort put into this game... if didn't know i'd probably guess this was a Triple A game! Even better than some <3

This is a very well composed and well put together game. When I saw the title I just had to check it out, I had a sneaking suspicion that it was a swedish game. As a fellow swede I just had to try it! 

It's amazing what you accomplished in 10 weeks. This game had me on the edge of my chair during the entire playthrough, and I loved every second. 

Ni har verkligen gjort ett fantastiskt jobb, bra gjort :D

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I played it once earlier, and I really enjoyed it! However, now when I try to open it, it doesn't seem to load properly. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my computer, etc., but nothing seems to be working. :( I really love the game so far and would like to continue playing it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

It seems to get as far as the screen where we have to adjust the visibility of the circle, but once I continue past that, only the sound works. I can hear the water from the beginning, but the screen is black. If I click or press any buttons, the program fades to white and the notification about it not responding pops up. I tried to wait for it to respond twice, but I figured after five minutes of waiting, it wasn't going to respond.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

PS I hope the project was well received! It's truly a great game.

UPDATE: This is another error I get, it loads in the background. I figure it probably has every time, but I've only noticed it the last two times due to how I closed the game out.

I have just a question? Is there only exist one end or more? Like... What happend if we refuse the gift or if we don't answer at the phone or elses tricks? If we search well is that possible to find a secret ending? By the way really good job dudes, this game is freaking good with so much good mystery, I just loved how I have to search for the code! This game was "al dente" a big thanks guys!


First of all, i must say: GREAT JOB, DUDE!
This game is Amazing. I loved it! That final make me SO SAD.

I was in live on Twitch and i've found this bug, let's check it!


Thank you for playing!

Thank you for sharing! Let's just say it was supposed to happen ;) Maybe she had three arms all along, but she was just too shy about it to show it to anyone :D 

Seems like you don't need an extra hand to help ;)


Very shocking to see how well put together this game was in under the short amount of time it was created! Exceptional job guys! This is truly the Ouija Board Horror Game that most should aim to be. Feel free to watch my playthrough below :D

Thank you so much! We're glad that you enjoyed it!

Deleted post

Thank you so much! Thanks for playing!


Part 2 for your viewing pleasure and my real tears when the ghost finally showed up. Jeremy the dalahäst came with me until the very end. I'm glad we could spend eternity together

Dev I have but one smoll request. Please include Jeremy in your next game because I fully intend on playing it :) thank you for the great experience!


Thank you for playing! If we ever make another game I'll make sure that Jeremy is part of it! 

You've made this boy happy :')


Thank you for the experience! feel free you use my content :)

Thank you for playing!


Here is part 2 of this, I finished it and I gotta say this is an amzing game, nice twist! I loved the story!

Thank you again for playing! We're happy that you enjoyed it!


(spanish play-through) that ending was messed up T_T  but i really liked the game :D  amazing job. i look forward to you future project this left a good impression  on me and i feel like i can say this for a lot of people. the game was really good. keep it up everyone :D

Thank you so much for your videos and comments!

Will there be some kind of sequel?

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A lot of people have messaged us or commented that they want to see MORe (yes, we finally did the joke). There are no plans to make a sequel or any further major updates to the game at the moment. The game was as mentioned created as a 10 week school project, and as of now we unfortunately don't have the resources to continue this project.

With that said, we're really happy with the game and its ending, and we're forever grateful for all the nice comments and messages we've gotten!

Enough Youtubers have played this that you would probably have a successful kickstarter if you wanted to try and get funding to create a DLC or sequel. I would definitely donate to see more of this amazing game!


I loved the game, great story so far! That 'zombie' girl had me there for a minute!

girl had me there for a minute!

Thank you so much for playing!


The game was really good. I liked the story, the atmosphere and the voice acting was really good top! My only complaint is the last puzzle to get into the cellar. Maybe its just me but it seemed pretty convoluted. Over all a great game though thank you.


Thank you for your nice words and your feedback, and thank you for your video! 


Really great game. 

Thank you for playing, we really appreciate it! 


(spanish lets play )  laundry room ghost why you in there you don't use clean clothes T_T  


Maybe he wanted help to clean them? :) 

Thank you for playing!

:O yea you right you right, im a bad person now! T_.T.  thank you for checking my part 2 :D


I'd really like to see more from you guys. I felt very alone (until I wasn't), and the laundry room genuinely scared me. You dropped hints from the beginning that I totally didn't pick up on until much later. The credits were a nice touch, as well, but I wish there was one final scare at the end. Great job overall!

Thank you for your video and for your nice words!


I enjoyed this horror game! Something refreshing and that ending was different from the norm. 

Thank you so much for playing, and thank you for your video!


One of the best horror games I have experienced in a while, a very good unique and yet terrifying story as it unveils. I love that it isnt typical and filled with jumpscares or cliches but yet presents the true horror of the situation. The controls are a bit flimsy and the options but after playing the game I couldnt care less. Great game!

Thank you for playing! Yes, we wanted to move away from the traditional jumpscare-y horror game and focus more on an immersive story, we're glad that you enjoyed it!


This was great. Loved the story, the voice acting was a great touch. and the slow build up was very nice compared to the onslaught jump scare culture horror games had moved towards. I found comfort in the toy horse jeremy

this is part 1 :) hope you enjoy

Thank you for your video, we love your enthusiam!

...and while I can't speak for the entire team, I personally think that Jeremy is a great name for our dalahäst ;)

Looking forward to part 2!

This game has a lot of technical issues.

1. The game launches on Ultra settings regardless of what you choose on the launcher. This causes quite a long load time for the game's main menu, which makes you think it has locked up since it's just a black screen for about a minute or so.

2. The game is very poorly optimized. Even on the very lowest settings with all optional things turned off (and lowering the resolution, even!) it still lags. The mouse lags, too.

3. The mouse pointer is inaccurate. It's this giant white arrow but the tip of the arrow isn't the actual tip of the cursor, so you're constantly selecting the wrong things when you're trying to change the options. It's super annoying! The mouse is also entirely disabled for the menu once you're actually playing the game. You have to use the keyboard or joypad to navigate the settings, even though you could use the mouse to do it before you started. Urgh.

4. When you turn the subtitles off, the black boxes at the bottom of the screen that contain the subtitle text are still there. They just have no text in them. It's a bit distracting because they constantly appear/disappear and change size to fit the invisible dialog lines.

5. The only keyboard movement controls you can rebind are Forward and Rotate Right. Even in-game, you can't change the movement controls. Speaking of bindings, the game doesn't dynamically display your current key settings. If you were to set the lighter key to C for example, it would still prompt you to push F to use the lighter.

6. The TV in the house causes immense lag. It's a known issue, but for some reason they leave the TV on by default when you arrive. In addition, if you turn the TV off and walk back to the front door, the choppy TV audio turns back on, but the TV itself appears to be off. You have to turn it back on and then off again to get it to stop. This will happen every time you go near the front door, so you just have to avoid that.

Overall, I found these problems to be so constant and distracting from the experience that I couldn't even get through the game.

to be honest it sounds like this is more of a hardware issue. As mine defaulted to minimal settings and I was able to adjust them fine. The t.v caused no lag.

 I did however experience some lag when throwing objects all over the place.

The cursor is an issue only due to it's misalignment, although once I passed the gamma settings screen it appeared to correct itself and only became a problem at the final "lock" puzzle when i couldn't click the keys properly.

We're really sorry that you had to experience all these issues. While some of them are known, a lot of the problems you're describing are new ones that we haven't heard about before so we appreciate you telling us about them!

If we ever get the chance to continue working on the game, we will definitely go through your list and see what we can do! 


(spanish play-through) this game was pretty darn good. the story the pacing the twist. was set really good, this game is  good like for selling type of game.  only issue  was small lag and the loading screen in the beginning. but that is all :D 

We're really glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!


very good game, especially for how quickly you made it!! the story was well-executed and the pacing was excellent for the most part, so no problems there! however, i had a pretty major issue on the final puzzle (the combination lock), which halted my progress until i figured it out:

when i originally found the cellar door after being directed to it, i didn't investigate the lock itself,  instead focusing on the note above it. however, clicking on the lock seems to be a requirement to get the journal update that activates the tv, so this led to me accidentally sequence breaking and being able to move the paintings before there were any markings on them. the journal filled itself in up to the note about the paintings, but without the markings and the tv symbols i was unable to progress until i went back and looked at the lock, then the tv, then the paintings, all in that order.

another problem i had was that the hints provided to solve the combination lock were too vague, specifically the second one. i would suggest specifying that the player is looking for the number of children, as the current text is so vague that i didnt even know i was supposed to be looking for a family photo (first i had assumed it was referring to the paintings from the first clue, then i thought it meant the people from the video that was looping on the tv since i didnt activate the symbols yet). the other clues were all perfectly intuitive, assuming the fourth digit was intentionally left up to experimentation, as were all the other puzzles in the game, so well done on those!

other than the issues detailed above and some minor performance/input hiccups, i was very pleasantly surprised and was genuinely scared at a few points! thank you for all the work you put into this, and i hope to see more from you in the future! <3


Thank you for your comment and your feedback! With the limited time we had to the develop the game we also had very limited time for playtesting. The problems that you're describing are things that has we've noticed as well after the release, and we agree that some of them could need some changing. 

Other than that, we're glad that you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!


Such a good game! It's like Edith Finch meets horror and it is so well done! That ending tho..amazing! 


I had a few issues. One was lag at times was kinda bad. Two it was a bit vague sometimes where exactly certain things were at, such as the cellar which I would normally expect to be close to the house was way off in the darkness. Three, I ran into a situation where my sketchbook wouldn't update, specifically with the radio puzzle and I was unable to proceed without restarting the entire game. Maybe implement a save system of some sort. Other than that I absolutely loved this game, the music was fantastic the voice acting was spot on, the atmosphere had me literally jumping at shadows at times lol..two thumbs up Vikid Games! Well done! 

Thank you so much for playing and for all your feedback!

 The bug with the sketchbook is something we were aware about during the development of the game, however it was something that we fixed before releasing it... or at least that's what we thought. 

We're really sorry that you had to restart the game, some kind of save system is definitely something we've discussed since the launch of the game. 

Thank you again for playing, we're happy that you could enjoy it either way!


It is so good! Despite the issues this is easily one of the best indie horror games I have played in a long time!  

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